How to Talk to Your Kids About Politics

Political talk can be negative, especially during presidential election years. While it might seem like you should avoid the topic, that isn’t really the best thing to do. ROBS Head of School Leanne Reynolds encourages families to seize the teachable moments that the election year presents. Here are some of her tips on how to talk to your kids about politics.

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From the Head of School & Board Chair

Article first appeared in the 2018-19 Report of Appreciation

Dear ROBS Families,

In the independent school world, fall is also called admission season. We host tours, open houses, receptions in homes, and interviews for hundreds of prospective students and their families. The question at the heart of these events is “Why ROBS?”

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Raider Wins Cross Country Conference Championship

ROBS Journalism students write, edit, design, and produce The Raider Review, a quarterly publication distributed school-wide. In the latest issue, editor Austin Howes reports on eighth grader Tori Livingstone’s cross country victory and her outlook on what makes a champion.

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ROBS Welcomes Japanese Exchange Students

ROBS Journalism students write, edit, design, and produce The Raider Review, a quarterly publication distributed school-wide. In the latest issue, staff writer Amanda Brantley recounts the visit of five students from Chiba City, Japan. ROBS is the only Houston school to participate in an exchange program with our Japanese Sister City.

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Why Play?

Parents interested in giving young children an academic edge should put away the textbooks and get the toys out. When children play, they are mentally active, engaged, socially interactive, and building meaningful connections to their lives. Play is therefore one of the richest and most effective learning strategies in a preschool educator’s toolbox.

Instructional coach Sarah Graham describes how ROBS’ littlest learners spend their school days. Even though it may look like they are just playing freely, it has all been purposefully planned.

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Teaching Kindness

Most parents want their kids to be kind. In fact, more than 90 percent of American parents say that being caring is among their top priorities for their children. But when you ask children what their parents want for them, 81 percent say their parents value achievement and happiness over caring, as published in The Atlantic article “Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids.” Kids learn what’s important not by listening to what adults say, but by noticing what gets our attention. 

What does that mean for educators trying to cultivate kindness among kids in the classroom, on the playground, and even outside of school? ROBS counselors, Drs. Melanie Gregg and Allison Hamff, share how ROBS students, teachers, and parents designed an intentional program of cultivating kindness and the ongoing impact of that effort.

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How to Make Lemonade, According to Fifth Grader Gracie Gilmour

The best thing about ROBS is our students! They are smart, insightful, kind, and creative. We often hear parents say they applied to ROBS because they met some of our students, and they want their children to be like them. From creative writing excerpts to reports on school life, our student bloggers offer the sincerest perspective.

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The Atlantic: Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids

The research continues to reinforce what ROBS has always championed—that character matters. Not only does it matter; it improves achievement. “Boys who are rated as helpful by their kindergarten teacher earn more money 30 years later. Middle-school students who help, cooperate, and share with their peers also excel—compared with unhelpful classmates. They get better grades and higher standardized-test scores.

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